Once Upon A Time / 2016, HD video, 10:40 min
My video "Once Upon A Time ..." is based on one of the most famous scenes in film history. It is from the film "Once Upon A Time In The West" by Sergio Leone (1968). The scene appears at the end of the film in the key gunfight between the mysterious Harmonica (Gunman) and the violent murderer Frank. They are facing each other, ready to pull their guns. The culmination of the scene is the close up of the eyes of Harmonica (Charles Bronson), which are visible for a few seconds between the black bars of the film screen. This cinematic skill has to intensify the dramatic of the scene to the utmost and to emphasize the positive features of the hero’s character. Based on this image, symbolizing the climax of heroism, the huge dose of pathos, and the need of justice after an injustice, I use my own eyes and stretch the duration of the frame to more than 10 minutes. In my sequence the narrative takes it’s own emancipated way and deconstructs the notion of male heroism looking for direct contact with the viewer.