Red Painting / 2003, video, 4x3, 0:54 min

The video is part of the series „Studio Movies“. One of the main themes of the video series is the painting as authentic abstraction. The refusal of the use of brush, paints and canvas, the classical technical devices of the painter, and their substitution with the digital video lens is a basic motive in the studio movies. This motive is most radically expressed in the video „Red Painting“. It lasts only 54 seconds and contains three actions: quadrangular red form, a stone dashed into the frame from the direction of the painter/spectator, an image destroyed into pieces. The act of rejection of the classical painting and its „modernization“ through the video is sublimated here not only temporally but symbolically. The references to the history of art – from the ikonoklastic wars in Byzantium through the monochrom squares of Malevich to the concrete painting – are only part of the semantic levels of the studio movies.